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Équipe Pawlak-Fortin


The number of Families we are Helping every year

100 %

We are selling at the asking price or more based on Statistics from Centris

5 * Stars

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The number of years we have accumulate in real estate

Here is a summary of our service offer :

  • Cancellation policy at all times, free of charge and without penalty
  • Full team of 7 people for the cost of one
  • Strong and constant communication to keep you informed of each step and action we make
  • Flexible commission percentage depending on the marketing strategy
  • Personalized action plan
  • Discover our exclusive ‘Buyer/Seller programs’
    • We will sell your house or we will buy it for real! *
    • Don’t get stuck owning two homes – Should I buy or Sell first? *
  • Discover our 16 key Steps in the first 72 Hours before the first visit

Checked Call us to find our all details!

514 699-8650

See the testimonies from sellers

If we were able to help so many families why can we not do the same for you?!

Let us to take off the stress and pressure from your sholders.

Everybody is missing time, so enjoy yours and let the professional to handel and defend your biggest assets you have!

Hire us today and Start packing!

514 699-8650

P.S. By the see what lawyer with over 40 years experience is saying about the private sale! (Inserer la video en dessous de ce paragraphe)

To play tennis or golf seems easy but it is not, same goes for real estate.

You are not pulling your teeth yourself ? No, you are going to dentist.

Dont get in trouble, dont risk, hire elite professional, hire team Pawlak-Fortin!

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